Lack of motivation? This will change your mind.

Lack of motivation? This will change your mind.

In these uncertain times it is difficult for us as athletes to stay motivated. The most important goals have been dropped, the future with regard to other events remains uncertain and it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to continue training.

Let us help you with the following 5 tips and tricks.


  1. Think about the future!


Everyone is now looking for new goals. Will the game be resumed in summer, autumn or are we already looking at 2021? Your training schedule does not consist of one month. It's a life cycle. Every year, the training you do will make you stronger. So keep the routines you have and think about how much stronger you will be next year!


  1. Test yourself once in a while


Nowadays there are so many ways to test yourself. Cyclists and runners can participate on the well-known online platform Zwift. Sports enthusiasts from all over the world come together to race against each other at any level. It's a great way to test yourself and keep your motivation high! 


  1. Always wear all your sports equipment while exercising


All kinds of activities can be done at your home. Specifically in the field of indoor fitness, you can follow many online programs via an application or with an online coach. Please note that when exercising, you should always switch to your sports equipment first. Why? You get dressed for success with your sports gear. The training clothes you choose can have a direct influence on your performance. Wearing the right sportswear stimulates your self-confidence and thus your attitude towards sports.


  1. Being together without being together


Go social! Connect with your workout buddies through the many online social platforms. Share your workouts on Strava, take an online group ride on Hitchhike, or just workout together on Facetime. But, keep the physical distance, especially right now. Respect government precautions and train on your own (physically) as much as possible. 


  1. Continue


Stay in the training routine you've built up. Frequency is the key in any sport. Be creative in the way you train. If you used to go to the gym 3 times a week, do a similar workout at home. If you're a cardio machine and take a ride every day, just go outside or train on your smart trainer indoors like you used to. Don't lose control of your normal routine, otherwise your cardiovascular and immune systems may become depleted. 


Remember, we're all in this together!



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This is important for you too!

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